TDL 4FB – 4 Way Fuse Board


The 4 Way Fuse Board has 4 individual fused outputs. Each fuse has an associated LED to indicate that the fuse is operative. The LED illuminates green for normal positive 12Vdc operation, red for negative polarity and amber for AC voltages up to 24Vac.

The board can be used for the protection of 24vac cameras too but the fuses need to be changed to 1amp ( and as noted earlier ) the LED will illuminate amber.

The board fits the TDL Mounting Base system, which makes installation very easy and tidy as it allows all cables to be run behind the PCB and covered by a cover that also has an area for labelling. They can be connected together with other boards to make up a complete system of relays, fuses, timers etc.

The TDL Mounting Base also comes complete with fixing tape.

TDL 4FB 4-way fuse board wiring (3)