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TDL-FAB Fire Alarm Interface Board

The Fire Alarm Interface board allows for the control of the power to the Access Control system via an input from the Fire Alarm system, to drop power from the Access Control doors upon a fire alarm activation.

TDL-MB+ (With Cable Way)

The TDL Mounting Base with cable way comes complete with mounting fixings and label holders, which makes installation and labelling of the inputs and outputs easy. The TDL Mounting Base + also has an additional cable trunking on the outside to make the wiring of the input and output cables a lot easer. Once the […]

TDL-MB PCB Mounting Base

This is a universal Mounting Base for all TDL Relay, Fuse & Timer Boards. It makes installation quick, easy and tidy. Multiple TDL-Mounting Bases can be connected together to act as a cable trunking system to make up a complete system.